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V-Flex for Pitching & Hitting

We've been heavily invested in college softball for the past four seasons.  The banner above shows the NCAA softball teams dedicated to brain based training. In 2016 we are expanding into colligate baseball.   The ABCA convention will mark our official launch of the PX-Series for pitching. It will change the way you think about pitch control.  Read partial article at www.cbn.com.


 Maximum Pitch Contol through Spatial Learning:  Our new visual targeting system for pitchers makes all other training systems obsolete.  The stream of visual information created by V-Flex provides performance changing visual information to help pitchers master pitch efficiency faster.  The complete series consist of the PX-3,5 and 7. Univ.of Georgia Pitching Coach Fred Corral Becomes 1st in SEC to Implement Brain Based Training for Pitchers.... 


 Pitching product of the Year Nominee- ABCA & Collegiate Baseball



                                                                       VX-Series for Hitters

 Swinging at Strikes is the X-Factor to becoming a Great Hitter.  V-Flex's Front Toss trainers provide the necessary information for hitters to master plate discipline and maintain that discipline throughout the season.  




Follow your teams progress with the Swing D app developed by Dr. Les Anderson www.swingd.com  les-at-clinic-swing-d.jpg

Dr. Les Anderson explaining the new Swing D app and how it is used to follow pitch efficiency.  His 2015 data collection showed that V-Flex trained teams are 20 to 25% more efficient in recogizing strikes during games than non V-teams at the HS level.   At the D-I level the advantage was 10 to 15%.  This means if a team sees 100 pitches in a game V-Flex trained hitters identify between 10 to 25 pitches more accurately than their opponents.   

2016:  So Many Accomplishment:

  • 32 of the 64 SB teams in the NCAA tourney are V-Flexers.  
  • Congrats to all of the teams that had banner years( Unbelievable)
  • 14 of 30 NCAA Conference Champs were V-trained.
  • WSCC headed to NJCAA National Championship
  • SAU Mulriders in D-2 World Series

Memorable Year: 2015 

  • Gators Repeat, 2015 National Champs
  • TN, FL, OR and LSU are READY for battle at WCSW!!
  • Univ. of Washington sets HR, RBI, Runs & Walks Record
  • Tennessee Lady Vols set new HR Record
  • Best starts ever: Florida, LSU and Oregon
  • Bryant Univ. sets new NCAA HR Record
  • V-Flex Sponsors Round 6 of NPF Draft
  • Dr. Les Anderson Develops V-Flex App.

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