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V-Flex for Pitching & Hitting

We've been heavily invested in college softball for the past four seasons.  The banner above shows the NCAA softball teams dedicated to brain based training. Pitch efficiency is vital to any softball or baseball team.  In recent months we began a marketing campaign targeted at baseball.  Our pitching and hitting systems are brain based and produce the most amazing results recorded in the modern era of baseball and softball.


PX-Series for Pitchers                               


Swinging at strikes is the X-Factor to becoming a great hitter.  V-Flex's Front Toss trainers provide the necessary information for hitters to master plate discipline and maintain that discipline throughout the season. V-Flex trained teams are expressing strike swinging inefficiencies in the 80 percentile while non-V-flex trained teams average in the 60 percentile.  Our expansion into collegiate baseball in 2016 continues to show positive progress.  

 VX-Series for Hitters


Front toss training is about increasing the amount of neuronal activity in a designated space inside the hitter brain and not the angle of the pitch or the gender of the player. Brain based front toss is beneficial for all hitters. No single sport owns exclusive rights to space and time. We all share the same space teams that strive to strengthen the neural pathways that carry spatial information will dominate their sports.





Follow your team's progress with the Swing D app developed by Dr. Les Anderson. Dr. Anderson developed the new Swing D app so coaches could track hitters strike and ball efficiencies during practice and games. For the past three years he has been tracking Top 25 teams in order to establish the impact correlations of V-flex on hitting throughout NCAA softball. His finding will be published in 2017 and they are amazing.  Teams that train V-Flex showed a significant advantage over non-V trained teams and established a cause and effect relationships never before quantified. 

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